Love Yourself!!


All HEALING starts with YOU!   Once you realize that your allowed to be human… YEP, I said it.  Your HUMAN and with that comes imperfection and what that means is… You are allowed to be wrong, to be weak, to be angry, to be jealous, to be freaking pissed off …  Or maybe that means your not that perfect size or shape society says you need to be.. or maybe … simply fill in the blank!

Hey I have a news flash for you… YOU ARE AWESOME!!   Every unique bit of you.  So celebrate yourself, get up everyday and slide into your sassy pants and show the world how truly amazing you really are!  Let’s face it, this world needs some good vibes and when we celebrate our awesomeness, we send positive energy out into the Universe… the more we do it, the more it catches on and on and on.. get it???

Now when we forget that we’re human, and we ALL do,  we start to build up nasty Energy YUCK that holds us back from being our true amazing selves.  We not only build it up on our own but also from the people and environment around us.  When this happens we need to tap into that beautiful Universal Energy and ask for some help.

As an Intuitive Empath and Certified Reiki Master, I’m humbled by this gift and so Blessed to be able to be a vessel for this beautiful Universal Energy to help you walk your walk and remind you of how damn AWESOME you really are!!


10 Awesome Ways to Use Crystals…

1. Use pyrite on your work desk to keep creative ideas flowing.

2. Place lepidolite on your nightstand to alleviate nightmares.

3. Keep a quartz point at the bottom of a vase to prolong the life of cut flowers.

4. Keep hematite outside under your doormat to provide a protective shield from negative energy.

5. Place rutilated quartz on your back to alleviate back pain.

6. Hold fluorite on your forehead to fight flu viruses and congestion.

7. Carry yellow jasper with you when you travel to alleviate travel sickness.

8. Keep aura quartz in your fruit bowl or vegetable bin to keep your food fresher longer.

9. Use jade in a foot bath for an instant energy booster.

10. Carry aquamarine with you if you are prone to panic attacks.